I miss the music while placing phone calls.  :(       

Try to be a Tmobile MVNO!!!


  • KentEKentE Moderator 167
    I miss RingBack Radio, too, although I usually opted for the news channels.  I think a lot of us found it awkward at first, and grew to appreciate it.   (I miss my RingPlus plans, too!)
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    Thank you, we miss you guys too. BTW our research showed that RingPlus had more outgoing than incoming calls compared with others. The Music was putting people in a good mood.  
  • DtxDtx Novice 2
    So what does it take to convince @Karl ;
  • Actually, in retrospect, I think Ringplus would have gotten more users if there were a half price charge per month from the lowest national carrier, rather than free.    As strange as that sounds, people I would talk to about Ringplus were actually spooked by the "Free" because they thought it would go out of business quick & they would lose their phone numbers.     Maybe a $10 per month for the phone, texts, and 1 GB of data would have worked.   A price that would be jaw dropping but not to the point where people think "its too good to be true".     Wish Ringplus were still here.
  • I have been using Cellnuvo.  It is true cell service (not VOIP).  You got two options (pay or earn free service):

    1.  Buy as needed, for $10 (they call it 9000 silver), you get 450 minutes or 3000 text or 450MB
    2.  Earn free silvers by watch ad, do survey, or download games

    See Cellnuvo website for more detail.  I can refer you to get you to free activation (Cellnuvo give me 10% bonus silver).
  • akaLTDakaLTD Moderator 115
    I miss the ringback music too but more than that I miss the ease of doing simple things like, swapping devices or changing phone number, etc. RingPlus had THE BEST dashboard I've seen. I admit I haven't used a lot of other low cost carriers but seems none make it as easy to DIY some things yourself as RingPlus did. 

    FreedomPop makes it cumbersome to swap a device. You have to open a new account then contact support to swap it to an existing account. It could take days to do this simple thing. 

    And having to email support just to change my cell number is so old school. lol

  • chatmsdchatmsd MVP 23
    I was a huge supporter of RingPlus  and do hope @Karl and staff make a comeback in a new avtar.
  • topviewtopview Pro 6
    I miss being able to easily see what everybody was doing/calling/watching.  The Ringplus dashboard was the easiest way to manage kids phones ever invented.  I'd pay to have it :)

  • KentEKentE Moderator 167
    @topview said:
    The Ringplus dashboard was the easiest way to manage kids phones ever invented.  I'd pay to have it
    Agreed!   The dashboard was an amazing convenience, and a solid attempt to let users control a lot of things that are not usually controllable.  For children, the service timers were a wonderful idea, & controlling access to different capabilities.  For adults, the capability of initiating a port, of swapping devices, of managing multiple accounts.   I've read that RingPlus was one of the first, if not the first, to allow users to check MEID eligibility. Even with it's flaws, the addition of VoIP via Fluidcall.  And I don't want to overlook the power of RP Samara for usage monitoring (an independent app, not part of RP-- thanks, @hungryghost ; !)   All of this combined to make RP a pretty amazing user-controlled environment.

      I think many of us have been surprised by how little control is available at other carriers, whether small MVNOs, or Big 4 motherships.  


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