Refund my loaner phone!

This makes me angry! Someone from Ringplus please reply!
I opened a ticket on March 8, 2017 and asked for refund of my loan phone ("Samsung Galaxy S3 (White) (New) (Loaner)" ). I shipped the loan phone together with everything in the original box. I also include the order number and ticket number in the box.
Then, after one month, I got nothing and I replied in the ticket and ask Ringplus to process my case. Ringplus relied me as they already escalated my case. Then after another month, I asked again and Ringplus said they have problem with the bank, but they can use Google Wallet to pay me. So I give them my google wallet address. However, they haven't paid me yet! \
What makes me angry is that, they seems to remove my access to the ticket!!! (It says "We're sorry, but something went wrong" when I click on my ticket and I cannot submit any new ticket eigher!) So that I lose all the evidence, including ticket number and order number, and conversation with them!
What can I do now?


  • jiangpjiangp Novice 0
    The package was delivered on March 21 according to USPS. It is crazy to take this long to process and it is rude to shutdown my ticket and stop me from creating new ticket!
  • KentEKentE Moderator 167
    Maybe @Classifieds or @tweaver can help assist with this.  You've been waiting a long time!
  • alsals Pro 11
    edited June 24
     Be persistent. Keep posting, Ping all mods staff and Karl!  
     @Classifieds @Karl @tweaver @PSantos 

    Ask any any and  all mods to help. You  paid deposits on the phones with the understanding that ringplus would honor it's commitment to refund your deposit if the phone is returned in good condition.
    Ringplus, after much heartache, HECTORING  and  much assistance from mods refunded my loaner phone
     Good luck
  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
    Hellloo??? Anyone home??   @Karl @Classifieds @PSantos @tweaver 
  • jamielihjamielih Moderator 126
    I just pinged R+ about this.
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