Refund my loaner phone!

This makes me angry! Someone from Ringplus please reply!
I opened a ticket on March 8, 2017 and asked for refund of my loan phone ("Samsung Galaxy S3 (White) (New) (Loaner)" ). I shipped the loan phone together with everything in the original box. I also include the order number and ticket number in the box.
Then, after one month, I got nothing and I replied in the ticket and ask Ringplus to process my case. Ringplus relied me as they already escalated my case. Then after another month, I asked again and Ringplus said they have problem with the bank, but they can use Google Wallet to pay me. So I give them my google wallet address. However, they haven't paid me yet! \
What makes me angry is that, they seems to remove my access to the ticket!!! (It says "We're sorry, but something went wrong" when I click on my ticket and I cannot submit any new ticket eigher!) So that I lose all the evidence, including ticket number and order number, and conversation with them!
What can I do now?


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