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Does this mean that GSM carriers will follow Sprint's lead in using the device's ID (MEID in one case, and eSIM in the other) to determine carrier association? That would suck for those of us with multiple SIM cards. 


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    telcos will do whatever they can to retain control and not give any to competitors. thats the bottom line. this tech is old but its not being quickly developed and put out to market because nobody wants it being used. it costs money vs whats already in place. more investments required and more training. they rather just stick with tried and true. its already bad enough we have CDMA and GSM and LTE of all flavors. eSIMs will make this even worse. multiple SIMs and countries are super easy with eSIMS. its like dual boot PCs or virtual PCs and virtual servers running multiple instances. anything is possible. again, the question is whats the advantage to the telcos to get this out? does it add more revenue? nope. hence, this tech is going turtle speed. eSIMs will give those who love tech too many options. IoT will become real with eSIMS and telcos want a way to dominate IoT. Hence net neutrality is in question today.
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