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is this true? when i was there i saw 2 5 10 20 30 40 50 etc. i have my own phone and would like to hook up even for 3$ for 300-500-100 is all i would ever use. i have a tracfone and over 3 years used the thing 3 times and have 2500 minutes on it. i just don't carry it. but i have the smart phone all the time. i use magic jack to call wifi but now and then i may need to use a cell tower so this service would be great. can i do it and how. i have an unlocked samsung galaxy prime on5 smart phone. can anyone direct me?  


  • If I understand you correctly,  you have a Tracfone that isn't a smartphone.  If so you should be able to byop the Samsung over to Tracfone.  Is the Samsung GSM or CDMA?

    FYI... RingPlus is no longer a cell phone MVNO.
  • ok thank for that info on the ringphone service. yes i have an lg sliding phone and i tried to transfere my minutes and days from that phone to a samsung smart phone. but tracfone is harder that nails to navagate. there 800 number took forever and i could not even get the chat to go it showed but they said to call. this is a bad company that doesn't even have email to ask questions.   

    i tried to byop but when i entered my tracfone number it said to call they could not tell how many minutes i had even though on my account page it showed 2500 minutes and 80 days.

    so do you now if there is a company like the ringplus that has small service plans. i dod not use the phone very often that is why i have 2500 minutes. i made 3 calls on that phone in the last 3 years.   thanks
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    I have Tracfone and have absolutely no issues with Chat and regularly transfer units/days from one device  to another.  An unlocked on5 should work with  TF BYOP GSM, at  least the TF version  sold is GSM.  Where did the phone originate from and is it GSM or CDMA?

    Can you make an out going call with your current TF? TF also has a policy where the account is frozen/terminated if you do not use the service for an extended period of time.

    You do need a TF BYOP SIM card kit and you can get one from Best Buy for $1 that includes both GSM and CDMA SIMs

    Contact chat (8 AM to 11:45 PM (EST) 7 days a week), give them all your account  info and they can verify your current account status and the units and days of service. Once they identify the  account, etc., they can initiate the transfer of you current units and days over to the  BYOP SIM.you must purchase. If you have 2500 min that will transfer over to a smart phone and give you  2500 talk/2500 text/2500MB.

    For extremely knowledgeable advice I recommend you  bring your  questions over to the Howard Forums Tracfone forum and there are many there  that can guide you through the process.

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