Fascinating Recent Supreme Court Ruling

Do we really own our stuff? The recent supreme court patent ruling has huge implications for consumers. Not the least of which are, cell phones, cars, and online services.Think about the implications for  the apple lock on cell phone apps, and qualcom cdma lock on technology.


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    Very interesting.  Thanks 
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    One perspective on "owning," "buying", & other related concepts is agreement to the terms of the purchase. If the sale is a license (such as when one buys a book from a bookstore) to the underlying work (IP), then the buyer has obligated herself to such license by making such purchase, which includes that the buyer did not buy, & thus does not own any rights to, the underlying work. For sales of items such as ink cartridges, iPhones, & other cellphones, a license to certain underlying technologies often attaches - that is, the buyer agrees to such terms by purchasing those items. When such terms are criticized, some oppose the criticisms with the position that the buyer need not have made the voluntary purchase in the first instance. Then, freedom, politics, capitalism, fun, etc.
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