The Battle for Self Driving Cars

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles May 31, 2017:

There are many different companies competing in trying to make self driving cars more readily available. The future is already here as some self driving cars are available now, with Tesla having their cars ready for purchase. Prices for Tesla vehicles range anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000, with their new $35,000 Model 3 car coming out later this year. The cars available now are more on the expensive side, naturally since cars with this technology are still new. Availability is the new goal for all companies working on this technology. Car companies are investing in ride sharing companies or creating their own, like Tesla is doing. So it seems like the move in the future could be using self driving cars from ride sharing companies instead of owning your own car. According to a study, this could lead to a savings of around $5,000 a year for not owning a car and using ride sharing services.

With so many companies working on self driving technology, the need for networks and infrastructure is needed as well. Intel believes that the release of a 5G network will facilitate self driving cars release to the whole world. A faster network would be needed to allow many vehicles to buzz around without buffering or interference which could cause accidents to occur. Change to businesses and streets will eventually occur as well to accommodate self driving cars. A smarter city can come from self driving cars becoming more of the norm.

Unfortunately, competition can bring about issues. Google and Uber are currently in a legal battle over stolen intellectual property. Alex Lewandowski has been fired from Uber over this legal battle since he is at the center of it all. After his failure to comply to an internal investigation, Uber fired Alex who oversaw Uber’s self driving efforts. Waymo, which is Google owned, claims that Uber is using stolen technology that Alex Lewandowski stole and that he also stole 14,000 secret documents while he was still at Google. The lawsuit could halt or cause a reroute of Uber’s self driving project which they claimed is the future of their business.


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