Experimental Ebola vaccine now being used in DRC

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles May 31, 2017:


An experimental Ebola vaccine has been approved in the Democratic Republic of Congo to combat the disease after a recent outbreak; the first since the outbreak a few years ago in 2014. The vaccine, which is known as rVSV-ZEBOV, has not been licensed but so far it has yielded good results. Around 6,000 subjects in a trial that took place in Guinea, were healed from the virus 10 days after receiving the vaccination.You can say that the virus has been contained, however the outbreak having occurred in a remote location is the reason why the virus has been contained. Although this is good news, the remote location will prove to be tough in being able to supply the vaccine to the affected people. Doctors without Borders has arrived this week to go over protocol with technical teams. The transport and storage of the vaccine being the main issue since the vaccine must be kept in a temperature of -80 degrees Celsius.


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