Xfinity Mobile

For those who use Comcast as their ISP you can get their Xfinity Mobile service for free (some small taxes though I'm told).  The deal is up to 5 lines with no access fee, unlimited talk and text, 100MB of shared data to start.  All free (included with your internet service).  For extra data you can pay $12/GB of shared data or they have unlimited for $45/month if you sign up by July 31st, 2017.  Price good for 2 years, then $65/month.  For my low data usage (< 100MB/month) I would only pay taxes.  They use the Verizon network.  One catch is that there is no BYOD.  You have to buy a phone from them (Samsung S7 is $516 or $21.50/month for 24 months).  They have the Samsung 7's and 8's, Apple 7's, 6's and SE and LG X.  I just chatted with them to verify that if I use 100MB in a month I only pay what they say are small taxes and if I use 101MB I pay $12 + tax (but have access to the 1GB for that month).


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