Pre-paid car maintenance

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What do you think?  Seems like a good deal IF you use all the services indicated at the max units allowed.

List of Plans:


  • Yes, particularly the "basic" plans "seems" like a good deal, assuming that Sears will even be in business for three more years, which seems doubtful.

    Yet, given that the auto service industry, in my opinion, is one of the more corrupt industries, and gets away with it due to the general public's ignorance concerning cars, I do not think it's such a great deal.

    Question: is this just but a way to get you into the shop to inform you that other parts of you car need replacing which are not covered under the prepaid plan? For, example I did not see oil filter replacement mentioned as covered under the $300 basic plan, to mention on small omission. And, whenever the term "evaluation" is used by automotive people, look out or run for the hills.

    Also, most newer cars only need oil changes every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, depending on driving conditions, and air filters should last about 30,000 miles depending on conditions. And if tires are purchased at places such as Walmart or Costco, lifetime free rotation is usually included.
    So, it may seem to be a good deal if one trusts Sears, but given that they are in dire trouble and have, in my opinion, trust issues, I personally would pass on this one.
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