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RingPlus News Service Los Angeles May 2, 2017:

There have been murmurs of 5G for a while and no doubt it has excited customers. But are the major carriers ready to release a 5G network? T-mobile thinks so although it looks to not be what everyone is expecting. T-mobile unveiled today that they plan to use the spectrum they purchased in the FCC auction to build its next gen network. Their focus not being speed but instead broader coverage. The airwaves purchased operate on a lower band so it is odd that T-mobile is referring to it as 5G since the general thought on 5G is a speed much faster than the current 4G service. T-mobile is thinking more of it being better coverage everywhere. The spectrum they purchased will definitely help their coverage and also set them up for the deployment of 5G but not till 1 to 2 years from now.

The confusing release of T-mobile’s plan will cause confusion and will leave customers without the faster network they are expecting. Other carriers have been working on 5G but are not close to releasing it. However like T-mobile, there are carriers preparing to release a service with 5G in the name but with it not being 5G service. At&t is working on something called 5G Evolution technology which is just a faster form of 4G service. At&t has stated that they plan to release 5G service in late 2018.

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    I'm not as familiar with bands as other folks are-- but hasn't the lack of a lower-frequency band been one of T-Mobile's shortcomings in trying to broaden both their reach, and their building penetration?  To that extent, T-Mobile's interest in the 600 MHz band seemed like a natural fit to help with that issue. 
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