AT&T: Potential Strike of 21,000 Employees

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RingPlus News Service Los Angeles May 1st, 2017: AT&T continues its questionable business practices as it finds itself in the midst of two potentially large issues. First, a communications union has notified AT&T that they could strike if contract negotiations did not begin, resulting in 21,000 workers potentially walking off the job. The union, Communication Workers of America, is currently operating on an extension of their previous labor contract. The union is demanding that AT&T stop offshoring jobs as well as limiting the number of third-party retailers it authorizes. “Time is running out for AT&T to stop undermining good jobs, quality customer service and its long-term success. The pieces are all in place now, and well strike if necessary” says Dennis Trainor, Vice President of CWA District 1. The union has also stated that AT&T has eliminated more than 12,000 US call center jobs and offshored thousands of jobs to Mexico, the Philippines, India, the Dominican Republic among other countries.  This strike could come into effect as early as Monday May 1st.



On top of this pressing issue that was delivered to AT&T shareholders during their meeting in Dallas recently, Kansas residents discovered that AT&T has decided to end their Kansas Lifeline Service Program. The program was created to service lower income customers and offered phone service for $17 a month to those who received public assistance or met income eligibility guidelines. AT&T’s reason behind the decision was financial, as they have said that most of the customers have already moved to other carriers and Kansas only accounted for 6% of its lifeline program.


This is an addition to AT&T’s redlining practices in Cleveland where the company offered customers low internet speeds to low income areas, which resulted in poor quality and effectively eliminated the possibility of these customers qualifying for AT&T’s low-income internet program. This program required that the customer have a minimum operating speed of 3mbps in order to participate, this was not possible as the company did not offer such speeds to these areas. 

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