Apple to launch new educational sessions at stores

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles April 25th, 2017: Apple has just announced a new initiative to offer a series of in depth programs and training sessions called “Today at Apple.” Apple will be offering dozens of educational sessions starting next month to all stores worldwide, which will go beyond teaching users the basics of using Apple hardware and software, to also focus on advanced techniques, and even hearing from artists, photographers and musicians directly. The major goal for “Today at Apple,” is to broaden educational access, and make it more community-based something Apple’s senior vice president of Retail, Angela Ahrendts, announced today, and referred to Apple stores as “modern-day town squares.” Apple will offer special programs for families and educators as teachers will come together for Teacher Tuesday to learn new ways to incorporate technology into their classrooms, and aspiring coders of all ages to learn how to code in Swift, Apple’s programming language for iOS and Mac apps. Families will be able to join weekends Kids Hour sessions ranging from music making to coding with robots. Small business owners can engage with global and local entrepreneurs in the new Business Circuits program. Apple is also taking its sessions out of the stores and into the wider world with things like “Photo Walks” and “Sketch Walks,” leading groups outside the store to learn to help students and focus on artistic techniques with their devices. Apple is also adding programming aimed at children, hosting a weekly Kids Hour which is meant to bring parents and kids together. These sessions will include a variety of kid-friendly subjects, like creating music in GarageBand, making movies in iMovie, or coding Sphero robots and more. Most of the sessions, except those hosted by area artists, will be taught by Apple staff called “Creative Pros.” Each store will receive new Forum Displays, mobile screens created by Apple’s design team specifically for Today at Apple sessions, along with wall displays to showcase the products that help customers get the most out of their Apple products. These programs are a great way to introduce and develop a more cultured tech world. Apple will offer many more programs through “Today at Apple”, the expanded lineup of classes will be introduced in late May. Customers can sign up for the free classes via the Apple Store App or website. 

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