Cheap Internet

Hi all...ok we have found cheap phone plans but where do I find cheap internet access for at home ?


  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
    Unfortunately the options are very limited to what is available in your local area for hard wired.  So for me it is ATT or Comcast.  Both are not worth what they charge.  

    Try if you can manage with sprint 4g LTE as they have unlimited service via a hotspot ($255 a year or $398 for the first year which includes the hotspot device).
  • My desktop cellular data provider is, 2GB/mo for $49.98/3mo=~$200/yr. 

  •  looks interesting I would love to disconnect from Spectrum for awhile. I question if I could run my Ooma VOIP home phone off of it with a ethernet adapter. Also in four person home would the 4Glte be fast enough for possible 1 person streaming netflix 1 person doing home work one person streaming music and say another on home Voip phone?

  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    Also in four person home would the 4Glte be fast enough
    It's very dependent on your location/signal strength.
      Did you ever run a speed test with your RingPlus phone at home?   If not, do you have a way to run it now, on a Sprint-based device?
       I pretty much regularly saw 15 mbps at home while on RingPlus.  When I had cable internet, it regularly delivered 5-10 mbps down.   At that speed, we could stream Netflix and browse the internet at the same time with no problem.   Neither VoIP nor streaming music require a lot of bandwidth, so I don't think adding that would have been a problem. 

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