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This is very interesting!

Most of my family lines switched to the "FluidCall International" within the last 20 minutes (posted at 2017-Feb-24 2323 hours PST).



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    Dear Members,

    Fluid call for out going call is still active for our members. 
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    Is this only for lines ported to Ting in the mass migration?

    Or for all lines ported to Ting?

    Or for all lines not cancelled prior to porting out to any other MNO / MVNO?

    Or for all lines that, at a point in time, existed on R+, including those that were cancelled by the member?
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    FluidCall was working for me last night before I agreed to Ting's ToS.  I finally got around to fully enabling my Ting account and now FluidCall no longer works.

    Edit - I take that back.  The problem seemed to be my wifi.  I used a different connection and R+ Fluidcall still works even though my line is active on Ting. 
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    That was my thought given that sip connection is based on login credentials. However, I confirmed the reported failures and I gave up. 

    I just tested now with two rp sip accounts. Both had registration failure 403 on zoiper. Like a flashlight without batteries, I went ahead and made a call using zoiper. I heard a message "that mailbox was not found".

    Btw, the phone numbers for those two rp sip accounts are now on cellnuvo and tello. I don't have any unmigrated rp numbers to test. 

    Edit1: I found three numbers with green dot on rp dashboard. Their phone numbers have been successfully ported to telli, ting, & cnuvo. I added them to zoiper using info on rp fluid and successfully made outgoing calls. All red dot accounts had registration failure.
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    @Classifieds ;  Is it possible for a member to leave a line "live" at RingPlus just to use FluidCall? 
    If so, how would a member opt out of the Ting Migration without cancelling the line?
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    Two of my green dots, I accepted ting tos on.2/21. The third green dot, ting treated it as dark matter. All three green dots are live for fluid, for now. Note: outbound only as op paid.

    All on a separate rp account as this one has no shield.
  • My Fluid call stopped working last week days before Ting took over my number.
  • I just re-installed CSipSimple and added my # back in using ringplus info & it worked despite the fact that Ting has already imported my number. I haven't registered with Ting & expect to let the number die. Will Fluid call continue to work? Wait & see.
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    I found the RP SIP termination service to be of quite decent quality (when it worked).  I don't know what their actual termination costs were, but I would have kept FluidCall outbound by itself for a small (reasonable) fee or call termination rate as an add-on for my extended-family VoIP system, especially if it allowed me to set the outbound DID to reflect the actual origination/call back number of the asterisk extension being used, like any of my other primary system carriers.

    [Edit]  FWIW, all of my RP lines are showing 'green' and seem to have FluidCall (outbound-onlu) working now.  The outgoing DID is still showing/set as the ported-out DID for each.of my former lines.
  • I just hope my tests on FluidCall don't get picked up by Ting so that I don't get charged an extra $3 this month. My line at Ting is essentially going to lay dormant until April/May, when I expect the Galaxy S8 to come out.  At that time, I'm hoping that my main carrier T-mobile has a BYGO free offer, and they usually have a requirement to port in a number.  voila I'll port over the Ting line.
  • My lines show green but after plan renewal which hasn't renewed fluid call isn't working. It registers but calls get terminated

  • SZYSZY Novice 1
    How long will fluidcall continue working?
  • akaLTDakaLTD Moderator 115
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    My line at Ting is essentially going to lay dormant until April/May, when I expect the Galaxy S8 to come out. 
    You can turn of calls, text and/or data and/or set hard limits so as not to move into the next bucket cost.

    I turned off texting & data on one of my lines since it's an old slider phone & won't be used for texting & can't even get data. I did that because receive a couple spam texts and didn't want to get charged for spam. I had already set a hard limit of one SMS but then found the setting to disable it altogether.

    edit: to give instructions on how to do turn off/disable calls, text or data. Go to Device Settings, under Active Devices click on the phone number or nickname, if you gave it one.

    To set hard caps go to Usage Alerts you have various options to set there. For example, I set up one up for data gave myself a cushion since data could be delayed. At 75Mb disable data until next billing cycle and send email.
  • @Classifieds:

    Does the minutes go against your allotted minutes from your last plan?   IE Mad plumb

  • All my lines ported out or migrated and accepted with Ting, and live and active there.  Those that  didn't drop off the RP dashboard are still working outbound with FluidCall, using the same number and ringback tones too!

    Maybe plan support for FluidCall minutes is the answer to the mystery as to why some lines dropped off the RP dashboard and others didn't?  

    Plans for the lines that I lost on RP dashboard and no more FluidCall:
    Mad Banana Muffin (paid)
    Mad Cinnamon (free)
    Mad Interim (free)
    Mad Jolly (paid)
    Mad Nutmeg (paid)

    Plans for the lines that remained on RP dashboard and that I can still use FluidCall with:
    Mad Avatar (free)
    Mad Cocoa (paid)
    Mad Plum (free) [two lines]

    I know for sure Mad Avatar and Mad Plum had VOIP allotments.  I don't think Mad Cocoa did though, and the Black Friday announcement about it is deleted!  Maybe it's just random.  Changed my paid plan Mad Cocoa to the free plan Mad RingPlus, FluidCall still works.  Waiting now for the smart dialer app. to come out one day!
  • I have Mad Free Building Block and Fluidcall still seems to be active despite my line being taken by Ting.
  • My question:
    If I don't register with Ting and allow my phone # to die, will Fluidcell still work? If yes and the number is then reassigned to someone else then what?

  • D._Fault:
    If I don't register with Ting and allow my phone # to die, will Fluidcell still work? If yes and the number is then reassigned to someone else then what?

    I suspect it would, as for outgoing calls only it is just a caller ID spoof.
  • All calls have charges involved between the networks. The caller's network in theory charges the caller (lately these charges are covered by the $ the caller pays for service) and pays a very small sum to the receiver's network. With Fluidcall not officially supported by anyone, who pays the receiving network?
  • While I'm actually not familiar with this business, it is my understanding that we have an open telecom network today.  That means, as I understand it, there is a fixed cost for equipment and to gain access, and no payment due to the receiving carrier.  Hence this is the reason U.S. carriers charge their own subscribers for incoming minutes and texts.  So FluidCall can remain up right now and generate ringback tone ad revenue to RP as long as there remains power, internet connection, and telco network connectivity.

  • Your fluid call will cease to work upon your next plan renewal. There are no more renewals. You will just get blocked red bars.

    It doesnt matter if you have a valid credit card on file or money in your topup for the renewal.
  • Well two of my plans expire in 5 days, and two others expire in 25 days, so that makes the last day to make a call as March 21 for me, if the systems remain up until then.
  • @Jess ; How do you know?  Do you work/moderate for Ring+?  I suspect fluid call will continue to work; probably because Karl will forget to unplug the server when he leaves. :)
  • jamielihjamielih Moderator 126
    Karl will forget to unplug the server when he leaves.

    The Fluidcall server is a process on Karl's Moto E 2nd Gen (2015), so, as long as Karl remembers to keep it charged, it should keep running.
  • refugee_from_49refugee_from_49 Novice 2
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    One of my rp plans expired 4 days ago. That sip id still registers successfully on sip.ringplus.net but gets an error recording on outgoing calls. It's a green dot account with red lines.

    My other rp accounts can still make outgoing fluid call s.
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