What would you do if Karl and Ringplus were to...

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Start back up in the same or a new incarnation ?

I've spent more money here than if I was with some other boring type carrier . I don't view it as his fault this happened . Sprint really pulled some dirty stuff on RP recently and pretty much broke everything .Karl's pulled quite a few rabbits out of the hat pretty consistently and I think he would have continued to do so , but Sprint pretty much destroyed the possibility of the model to rise once again . I found it exciting here for the most part and fun . Yeah it cost me more , peed me off more than one time but hell , I had a lot of fun trying to come out with something for nothing .

So here's what I would do to answer the question . If the new incarnation was anything near to what was running I'd come back in a heartbeat . I'm crossing my fingers I'll get to because I honestly like the way Karl thinks and the stuff he pulls off . He's a thinker , a strategist and an adventurer .This was his baby and he almost pulled it off except for Sprint .  Thank you for what turned out to be a helluva lotta fun !


  • awww man , that's depressing
  • I think Ring+ has dismissed their lawsuit.
  • Yeah I see so I edited out the reference to it . What would you do anyway ? Stay away , come back ?
  • Come back! It was fun and would give it a go!
  • I'd get a 'play' line, to test and help, but I would not use it for my primary line.

    I don't believe I'd be able to convince my family to ever use R+ (or whatever it would be called) again. I wouldn't try to tell anyone else about it. My reputation took a hit for recommending RingPlus to some of my friends. 
  • you really should remove your number from an open forum unless you want to get spammed.
  • I would return.  This was a fun ride and was worth the little bit of money I spend vs. the value i received. 
  • I'd stay put exactly where I am. I'm happy to have moved on. 
  • Fool me once....shame on me...
    Done with Sprint and all their associated companies.
    Back to Verizon MVNO's...certainly won't cost me anymore than RP+ has over the past year.
  • I'd be back but not putting in more than $20 a year
  • I would give Karl & Co another shot!

    I only just joined R+ in Dec, and added my wife last month. So with activation fees, porting fees and lost top-ups, it's been a loss for us compared to alternatives -- even compared to staying on Cricket, since we both had 2-3 weeks of overlapping service with them.

    But I absolutely love RingPlus' Mission Statement and their attempt to disrupt an industry that, in many cases, is bordering on fraudulent.

    So hell, yeah, I'd be back!
  • furry-azure-houndstooth-sand-400068:
    Fool me once....shame on me...
    Done with Sprint and all their associated companies.

    The most insightful comment on this forum in the last 10 days.

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    R+ was perfect for me. I'd join anything like R+ again in a heartbeat. There is nothing out there that give the options and flexability that R+ did.. at least I haven't found one. I'm waiting on Ting to migrate my 2 numbers over though. Was hoping R+ would work something out with Sprint :s
  • Thank you Ring+ and Karl for everything. I loved the mission, the vision, the forum and the phone service. Would come back in a heartbeat.
  • We'd return for a beta again just like we did in 2013,  stayed  almost to the end!  Good luck to everyone....and to Karl and his crew as well.  
  • Please send me an email when you 'start up' again, Carl.
  • I think there is a legal issue if they use same brand R+ because they defaulted their service without reimbursement or settlement.  P+ is ok. Ping plus. 
  • VoIPFanRPVoIPFanRP All Star 73
    I think there is a legal issue if they use same brand R+

    R++! :p

  • akaLTDakaLTD Moderator 115
    I'd be back in a heartbeat!

    For 4 lines, I've only spent $90 (plus tax) in top ups over the 9-13 months of service ... that means I've paid less than $2.50/month (average) for service over that time. I've had no problems ... well I did experience some latency but not enough that it was a big deal in exchange for getting almost much free service.

    I think there is a legal issue if they use same brand R+ because they defaulted their service without reimbursement or settlement.  P+ is ok. Ping plus. 

    RingPlus may have settled which is why R+ dismissed the lawsuit so there may not be a default.

    Regardless, I'm not sure if there's a legal issue using the same name but doing so may or could effect credit rating or availability depending on what, if any deal was reached. The biggest problem would be the brand name might be tarnished or damaged which could make it hard to attract new customers not familiar with what happened.

  • oldbooks1oldbooks1 Champion 173
    If the reincarnated RingPlus adds one additional feature to its service I will be the first to join.

  • I'd be back in a heatbeat as well if they came back with a free solution!  However, it'd likely just be me and I'd be very wary bringing on friends and family next time around (if there is a next time).

    Over the last 2 years I brought 15+ friends and family to RP+.  We enjoyed it while it lasted, but it made for a stressful two weeks of helping them all move off to something else.  Not that they weren't capable of researching etc, but I felt partly responsible since I brought them here.  No one was mad at me, but still, they came aboard on my recommendation so I'd be more careful next time around recommending something different/new.
  • I'd consider coming back for something similar to Surfing 1.0 but with hard caps on usage buckets.  Since plans were released with virtually no testing, it was very risky knowing there would likely be billing and allotment bugs to work through constantly.  
  • RP has now shut their plans down on me twice. I would have a hard time coming back.With that said, if they offered more for free than FP does now, I would give it a try. 
  • I would come back. I had been paying around $5 for land line and $9/line for ring plus. Looking into paying $60 for basically same service is going to be painful. I would not fall for Member+ kind of trap though. 
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